The Gentle Touch: Natural Baby Skin-Care Products Pass the Test for Infants and Toddlers

Discover if natural baby skin care products are safe for your little one! This article reveals the results of two studies testing the tolerability and efficacy of natural baby products on infants and toddlers.

New mothers are often faced with a barrage of advice and products when it comes to caring for their baby’s delicate skin. While many traditional baby skin-care products remain popular, there’s growing interest in products made with natural ingredients, driven by both consumer and healthcare professional concerns. However, a lack of published research on the tolerability of these natural products has left many parents wondering if they are truly safe and effective for their little ones.

This article presents the results of two studies conducted by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc., aiming to fill that knowledge gap. These studies investigated the tolerability and efficacy of baby skin-care products formulated with at least 95% naturally derived ingredients, specifically: a natural baby hair and body wash, a natural baby shampoo, and a natural baby lotion, both individually and as a regimen. The studies involved healthy, full-term infants and toddlers aged 1 to 36 months with healthy skin, and were carried out in a dermatology clinic under the supervision of board-certified dermatologists and pediatricians, as well as in the everyday setting of the babies’ homes.

The Importance of Infant Skin Care

Understanding the unique needs of infant skin is crucial in choosing the right skin-care products. Immediately after birth, healthy, full-term infants develop a competent skin barrier. However, this barrier continues to mature throughout the first year of life, leaving infants’ skin vulnerable to dryness and irritation. External factors like cold weather, wind, and harsh topical products can further disrupt this developing skin barrier.

In addition to environmental factors, infant skin is exposed to irritants like saliva, nasal secretions, urine, feces, and dirt, which can compromise skin barrier function. As a result, proper cleansing and protection of the infant’s skin barrier are crucial for maintaining skin health.

The Studies: A Closer Look

Study 1: This study focused on evaluating the tolerability of three natural baby products – Johnson’s® Natural® Head-to-Toe™ Baby Wash, Johnson’s® Natural® Baby Lotion, and Johnson’s® Natural® Baby Shampoo – after 2 weeks of use under normal conditions. Participants were divided into three groups, each using one of the products. Parents or guardians were instructed to use the hair and body wash or shampoo during bathing and the lotion at least once daily, either in the morning or after a bath.

Study 2: This study assessed the tolerability and efficacy of a skin-care regimen consisting of a natural baby hair and body wash and a natural baby lotion over a 4-week period. All participants used both products, with the body wash used at least three times a week and the lotion at least once a day, typically in the morning or after bathing.

Assessing Tolerability and Efficacy

Both studies employed a rigorous assessment methodology. Clinicians evaluated the infants’ and toddlers’ skin for redness, dryness, peeling, tactile roughness, edema, rash, and overall skin condition using a 4-point clinical grading scale. Parents/guardians completed daily diaries, recording product usage, bathing habits, sun exposure, sunscreen use, and any changes in their child’s health status. They also completed skin-assessment questionnaires to rate various skin attributes on a scale of 1 to 10, providing a subjective perspective on the products’ effectiveness.

In Study 2, stratum corneum hydration (SCH), a measure of skin moisture content, was also assessed using a Corneometer device.

The Results: Positive Outcomes for Baby Skin

The studies yielded consistently positive results, indicating that the natural baby skin-care products were well tolerated by infants and toddlers.

Key findings:

  • Study 1: None of the three products showed any significant changes in clinical grading scores after 2 weeks of use, indicating excellent tolerability. Over 90% of parents/guardians reported that each product was mild and gentle.
  • Study 2: The natural baby skin-care regimen also demonstrated excellent tolerability, with no significant changes in clinical grading scores after 4 weeks. Parents/guardians reported significant improvements in skin condition, particularly in terms of moisturization, softness, and smoothness. Importantly, the regimen also led to a statistically significant improvement in SCH, with a 48% increase in skin hydration after 4 weeks of use (P,0.05).

Adverse Events:

While both studies reported some non-serious adverse events unrelated to the test products (e.g., viral rash, colds, teething fever), there was only one mild, singular event possibly related to treatment in Study 1, where an infant experienced slight erythema after using the natural baby shampoo. This event resolved quickly and did not recur.

Real-World Conditions:

The studies’ strength lies in their focus on real-world conditions, conducting assessments not only in a clinic but also in the infants’ homes. This provided valuable insights into how the products perform under less than ideal conditions, offering a more realistic representation of their tolerability and efficacy in everyday life.


While the studies provide valuable data, it’s important to acknowledge their limitations:

  • Short duration: The studies lasted only 2 and 4 weeks, respectively, limiting their ability to assess long-term tolerability and efficacy.
  • Limited scope: The studies focused on healthy infants and toddlers, lacking data on the products’ use with infants and toddlers with compromised skin conditions like atopic dermatitis.
  • Non-validated questionnaires: The parent/guardian questionnaires were not validated, potentially impacting the reliability of subjective assessments.

Conclusion: A Step Forward for Natural Baby Skin Care

These studies provide valuable evidence supporting the safety and effectiveness of appropriately formulated, lightly fragranced natural baby skin-care products for infants and toddlers with healthy skin. The results demonstrate that these products are mild, gentle, and well-tolerated, offering parents a safe and effective option for caring for their babies’ delicate skin.

Looking Ahead:

Despite the limitations, these studies pave the way for further research on the tolerability and efficacy of natural baby skin-care products. Future studies could address the gaps identified in this research, including:

  • Long-term studies: Investigating the long-term tolerability and efficacy of these products under normal use conditions.
  • Studies on compromised skin: Evaluating the use of these products with infants and toddlers with skin conditions like atopic dermatitis or eczema.
  • Validated questionnaires: Using validated questionnaires to enhance the reliability of parental assessments.

A Gentle Touch for a Delicate Skin:

As parents continue to seek gentle, safe, and effective solutions for their babies’ skin care, these studies provide reassurance that natural baby skin-care products formulated with at least 95% naturally derived ingredients can be a valuable option. Further research will continue to refine our understanding of the unique needs of infant skin and guide the development of even better products for our little ones.


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